IT Colleges In Pokhara

Pokhara being the tourist hub and travelers number one choice, it not only have the scenic view but also the beautiful minds that explore the growing field of IT and technology. If you are someone who wants to explore this growing industry in depth, your knowledge horizon can be uplifted in following colleges:

Soch College of IT

Soch College of IT established in 2070 B.S is located in Ranipauwa which has a programme of B.Sc. CSIT , a four-year, eight-semester programme offered by the Institute of Science and Technology at Tribhuvan University in Nepal.Since its founding, SOCH has offered excellent information technology instruction. Currently, students choose Soch College as one of the best IT colleges for their better futures.

Mount Annapurna Campus

Mount Annapurna Campus was founded in Arghaun in 1992 A.D. and is currently located in Pokhara-5, Parshyang.The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) is carefully modeled after the courses offered in accredited international universities. However, admission to the programme is contingent upon the students having completed science-related coursework or its equivalent from any university recognised by Tribhuvan University (TU). The oldest college in the valley, this one is highly recommended for students with a background in science because of its excellent performance.

Prithvi Narayan Campus(PNC)

Prithvi Narayan Campus founded in 1 Sep, 1960 A.D, is the first campus started with 13 students and 2 teachers for post-secondary education and run by the local community. Since, the campus has expanded its subject area to science, arts, education, law, and business. The institution receives government funding through TU and is recognised as one of the major educational institutions in the nation. It is among the most reputable and well established campuses in Pokhara, Nepal. A significant hub for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education in Gandaki Province , it is regarded as one of TU's largest affiliate campuses. Since 2073 B.S., the BSC IT course has been offered. Due to its excellent course quality, affordable cost, and reliable certificate for the future, it is a top choice for students throughout the province and the nation.

  • Address: Pokhara-1, Bagar-Bhimkalipatan
  • Contact: +977-61-576837
  • Mail: [email protected]

Infomax College of Information Technology and Management

Informax College of IT & Management is one of the first institutions of higher learning in the Pokhara Valley for IT and management.They have been offering high-quality, reasonably priced, and globally recognised degrees in Pokhara since 2005. This college, which is situated in Ranipauwa, offers three-year international degrees in BSc. IT and MBA, accredited by Asian Pacific University.

  • Address: Ranipauwa, Fulbari Marga (behind Nepal Telecom Office) , Pokhara-11
  • Contact:061-585735, 9846294602
  • Mail:[email protected]

Informatics College Pokhara

Innovate Nepal Group Informatic College, an associate college established in 2011, began its academic career as a franchisee of Singapore-based Informatics Education Limited. Since 2017, Informatics College Pokhara has had a direct partnership with London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom to provide students in Pokhara with an affordable, enviable higher education in business and information technology. The Informatics College Pokhara, in collaboration with London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, offers extensive three- and four-year bachelor's degree programmes in business and information technology. Specific subject backgrounds are not listed at this college because management faculty can also enroll in this programme.

  • Address: Matepani-12, Pokhara, Kaski
  • Contact:+977-061-588115, +977-9801007070
  • Mail:[email protected]

ISMT(International School of Management and Technology)

ISMT college is one of the branches from the ISMT College of Kathmandu which is affiliated to Sunderland University, UK. This college provides the 3 year bachelor degree course of BSC IT and BBA. One of the international degree colleges in the valley, this institution comes in the list of the students as this college offers student transfer in the last year abroad.

  • Address: Pokhara-15, Annapurna Marg, Nepal
  • Hotlines: +977-61-433826 / 435436
  • Mail: [email protected]

La Grande College

La Grande offers the BCA ( Bachelors in Computer Application) course of year degree affiliated with Pokhara University. The programme integrates information technology (IT) with business and management, effectively developing managerial skills in the context of modern business and organizational aspects.BCA graduates will be eligible for admission to MCA, MBA, MSCS, MIT, and other master degree programmes at accredited universities worldwide. Located in Simalchaur Pokhara, students have a golden opportunity to develop all of the fundamental skills related to information technology, paving the way for higher pay packages.

  • Address:Simalchaur – 8, Pokhara
  • Contact:+977 61 573163/582844
  • Mail: [email protected]

Kanya Campus

Kanya Campus, the valley's only female campus offers a 4 year-long Bachelor's Degree in BIM (Bachelors of Information and Management) through Tribhuvan University.It has consistently provided an opportunity for only girls to pursue higher education in a supportive learning environment since its inception. BIM is composed of 40% management and 60% information technology subjects. With this course, female students can earn a degree in both information technology and management and go on to work in both fields. With this one-of-a-kind subject in the valley, female students are drawn to this college because it has the best post-degree outcomes.

Pokhara College of Management(PCM)

Pokhara College of Management was founded in 2002, offers a four-year (eight semester) BCIT (Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology) degree through Pokhara University. Students can pursue their degree in this college, which is located in the heart of Pokhara valley, to merge the fields of information technology and business management in order to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses.

  • Address: Nadipur(Gyan Marga)-3,Pokhara
  • Contact: 061 544761, 061 570124
  • Mail: [email protected]

Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences(GCES)

Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences(GCES) was established in 1998 and officially opened in 1999. The college is operated by the non-profit "Gandaki Public Education Trust" and is affiliated with Pokhara University. It is located on the grounds of the Gandaki Boarding School (GBS) in Lamachaur, Pokhara.

The college offers bachelor's degrees in B.E. Software(Software Engineering ) and B.E. Computer (Computer Engineering), as well as a M.Sc. ISE (master's degree in Information System Engineering). The college is a non-profit organization that is managed by the "Gandaki Public Education Trust" and is owned by Nepal's Ministry of Education.

Pokhara University(Central)

Pokhara University, The first university of the valley located outside the Pokhara city, established in 1997 this university provides education on management, health and science, science and technology, humanities and social science. This university provides a Computer Engineering Program and Software Engineering which is a four-year programme with eight semesters. It is taught in Bijapur Area Block. A student must complete 126 credit hours of course work successfully. Practical and project work is required for graduation.

  • Address: Lekhnath-30, Kaski,
  • Contact: +977-61-504075
  • Fax: +977-61-504087
  • Mail: [email protected]

Gandaki University(GU)

A new university in the valley, this institution offers the BIT (Bachelors in Information and Technology) course, which was developed by the Gandaki University (GU) in order to provide an excellent IT education platform for students as well as to provide ample skilled graduates for the professional business, industries, and research.

Western Regional Campus(WRC)

The hub of engineering students, Paschimanchal Campus is a division of IOE-TU, whose graduates have excelled in graduate studies at a variety of institutions. Providing the best education in the field of engineering this campus has designed the course of Electronics and Computer Engineering of four year course. This degree was launched in Paschimanchal Campus in 2069 BS with the goal of generating trained computer engineering personnel.This course has 48 seats available (12 regular and 36 full fee). Female students are guaranteed at least 10% of all available seats. The selection is based on merit.

  • Address: Lamachour-16, Pokhara
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Contact: 061-440457,440463,440093

Pokhara Engineering College(PEC)

Established in 1999 AD this college is located in the center of the city, which has been providing the programme of engineering education.PEC has approved a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and just started B.E.IT(Bachelors of Engineering and Information Technology) in 2023 AD. To get admitted to this college, students must have received a least of "C" grade in all subjects in 10+2 (Secondary Level) OR students must have received a minimum of "C" grade in all subjects in 10+2 (Science), or I.E. or equivalent 2nd division or above from a university or boards recognised by Pokhara University.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus(GMMC)

Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus was created by a group of prominent academics, political activists, religious leaders, and passionate social activists. It is supported by Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. This campus is only a public, non-profit community center connected to Tribhuvan University. The eight semesters of the four-year Bachelor of Information Management programme are built on a semester-based curriculum.

Janapriya Multiple Campus(JMC)

Janapriya Multiple Campus was established in 1991 A.D. It was constructed as a cooperative effort by fourteen academics, neighborhood benefactors, and neighborhood social organizations like Srijana Vikas Kendra. It is a non-profit academic organization connected to Nepal's Tribhuvan University.The eight semesters of the four-year Bachelor of Information Management programme are built on a semester-based curriculum.

  • Location: Old Airport, Janapriya Marga-8, Pokhara
  • Mail:[email protected]
  • Contact: +977 0615818221/585287/572287/577723