How to Grow as an IT Student

Information Technology is a field that is growing rapidly. This field has many opportunities, like software development, web development, app development, IoT, game development, animation, graphics, robotics, blockchain, web3, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc. Here are 10 tips for growing as an IT student.

1. Participate in Technical Events

The first thing you should do is participate in technical events. You can participate in technical events like hackathons, coding competitions, webinars, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. These events will help you to learn new things and improve your skills. You can also meet new people and make new friends. You can also get a chance to work with them in the future.

2. Don't Depend Upon College Education Only

A college education is good, but more is needed to work in the IT industry. Learn new things on your own like software development, web development, app development, IoT, game development, graphics design, robotics, blockchain, machine learning, cybersecurity, etc. You can learn from YouTube, online courses, books, etc.

3. Create Different Projects

When you do projects, you learn many things. You can also show your projects to your friends, different linkedin and facebook groups. If some company likes your project, there is a chance that they will hire you. You can also add your projects to your resume.

4. Join a Community

Technology communities are a great platform to learn new things and improve your skills. You can ask questions to people and pages. You can connect with like-minded people and share your works.

5. Try to Solve Nearest Problems Using Technology

We have various problems near us, like traffic problems, pollution problems, health problems, education problems etc. It would be best if you try solving these problems using technology. It may turn into a startup later.

6. Don't Compare Yourself With Others

Always be yourself. Other people are from different backgrounds and cultures, so there is no need to compare yourself. You have your own skills, and you have your own strengths. Always try to improve your skills. You can learn from other people but never compare yourself with them.

7. Give Presentations

Always try to give presentations at college, events, programs, etc. This will improve your research and communication skills. Many people will also know about you & your work.

8. Find a Mentor

Find a mentor who is already experienced in your field. They will definitely help you to grow. You can also follow them on social media, watch their videos, read their blogs, etc.

9. Make a Portfolio

Make a portfolio showing your projects, work experience, technical skills, etc. Also, create a GitHub account and show your projects there.

10. Do Internships

An internship means working in a company for a limited period. Internships are essential for IT students. It will help you grow, and if you do well, you can also get a job in that company later.