Git Cheatsheet for Beginners


It is a version control system, which is a tool used to manage changes to code, programs, documents and other information stored as computer files.


It is a hosting platform that allows developers to create, store, and manage their code. On Github you can upload your code to a public or private space on the internet.

Git Cheatsheet

Here are some of the most common commands you'll need to know:

For Config

1git config --global "Your Name"
2git config --global "[email protected]"

To View Username, Email and Other Details

1git config --list

To Get Help

1git help

Initialize a Repository

1git init

To Add File or Files To Staging Area

1git add filename
2git add .

To Commit Change

1git commit -m 'Short and Sweet Message' 

Clone Existing Repository

1git clone <project_url>

Checking the Status Files

1git status

View Difference

1git diff

To Remove File From git

1 git rm filename

To Move File

1 git mv file_from file_to

To View Commit History

1git log

To Work With Remote Repository

1git remote show origin
2git remote -v
3git remote add origin
4git push origin <branchname>
5git pull

To Create Branch

1git branch <branchname>

To Switch Branch

1git checkout <branchname>

To Merge Branch

1git merge <branchname>

To Delete Branch

1git branch -d <branchname>

To Create Tag

1git tag <tagname>

To Push Tag

1git push origin <tagname>

To Delete Tag

1git tag -d <tagname>

To Push All Tags

1git push origin --tags

To Delete Remote Tag

1git push origin :refs/tags/<tagname>