Freelancing Guide for Beginners

Freelancing means working as an independent company rather than being employed by someone else. A freelancer is a self-employed person who earns money by providing services to clients. You can work from home as per your time and interest.

Requirements for Freelancing

  • Laptop or Mobile.
  • Bank Account.
  • Good Internet Connection.
  • Good on One Skill like content writing, web development, graphic designing, etc.

Before Starting Freelancing

  • Have in-depth knowledge of the work you do.
  • Search what other people are doing.
  • Go with your interest.
  • First, start part-time.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Good writing skills.

How to Build a Skill Set?

  • Decide what you want to do like content writing, web development, graphic designing, app development, blockchain, etc.
  • Learn from YouTube or online courses. [Udemy, Skillshare]
  • Go to the institute for learning.
  • Self Practice.

Some Polular Freelancing Work

  • Data Entry.
  • Content Writing.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Online Teaching.
  • Graphics Designing.
  • Website, App, Game Development.
  • Logo Designer, Voice Over.
  • Data Analysis, SEO.
  • Blockchain, Web3 Developer.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Video Editing.
  • Translation.
  • Your Unique Talent and Many More...

How to Create Portfolio?

  • Add your works to your portfolio.
  • You can create a pdf portfolio or a website for it.
  • Make a profile on freelancing sites and add your work there.
  • Create a LinkedIn account. Many professional people are here.
  • Go to different company sites and show your work samples.


  • Join related LinkedIn, Facebook groups.
  • Post your work on social media.
  • Join physical and online events.
  • Contact related people/groups if you face a problem you can't solve.

Important Tips

  • Take work as per your capacity, or it will make a bad impression on you.
  • Do it with client requirements. Your client will be happy.
  • Freelancing work is not easy then you think, you need to work hard.
  • Know about payment. In some sites may take 10-15 days.